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Rocket League 2v2 Boost Tournament / 1 - RL [PS4]


2/16 teams 1 ready


Get ready 17:30 CEST Start 18:00 CEST 08.04.18


---> Click the GET READY button 30 minutes before tournament starts <---

Use the settings shown in the images below. Any other configuration will be treated like a violation of the tournament rules and can cause the disqualification of the team.

Prize pool: 1st 20 keys (10 each) 2nd 10 keys (5 each)

Game: Rocket League

Platform: PS4

Team size: 2

Tournament start: 08/04/2018 (18:00 CEST)

Tournament type: Single Elimination

Match format: BO3 (All stages) BO5 (Final)

Region: Europe (read the tournament rules for more information)

MAP SELECTION (optional): 1st higher bracket 2nd lower bracket 3rd higher bracket etc.

HOST: 1st higher bracket 2nd lower bracket 3rd higher bracket etc.

IMPORTANT: Players are obligated to provide an evidence of the score of each round and upload it on the match card, however you can contact our tournament admins through our DISCORD server or PlayStation Network and send those evidences.


ADMINS (PSN ID): ---> ESTINY_Martina & ESTINY_Paul

IMPORTANT: If you don't report the match using the button designated for it (in the match card), your evidence is NOT going to be considered by administration. Your team will be disqualified if you use the report function to report previous matches.


Rocket League 2v2 Boost Tournament / 1