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Road to PRO BF1 Tournament #1 - BF 1 [PS4]


1/16 teams 1 ready


Get ready 22:08 CEST Start 23:08 CEST 21.07.19


Please note that the rules of this tournament can change. Therefore we strongly advise you to read it regularly. Breaking the rules leads to the disqualification of the team. However, you need to Report the Match to have your evidences considered by administration.

Prize pool: 50 €

Game: Battlefield 1

Mode: Domination

Platform: PS4

Team size: 5+1

Minimum teams to start: 4

Tournament Size: 16

Registration ends: 16/02/2018 (17:30 CET)

Get Ready start: 16/02/2018 (17:30 CET)

Tournament start: 16/02/2018 (18:00 CET)

Tournament type: Single Elimination


-1/16 - BO1 (map set: Monte Grappa)

-Quarter-Finals - BO3 (map set: Suez, Ballroom Blitz, Empire’s Edge)

-Semi-Finals - BO3 (map set: Sinai Desert, Amiens, St. Quentin Scar)

-Final - BO3 (map set: Giant’s Shadow, Argonne Forest, Monte Grappa)

Eligibility: EU Resident Only

Each Map consists of 2 rounds. After finishing the first round, fractions must be swapped so both teams use both fractions on the map.

The map is won by the team, who has obtained more tickets overall after two rounds.

Use pictures below as the guide to set up the server for the match. The host must set the server up exactly the same as shown below!

IMPORTANT: Players are obligated to provide an evidence of the score of each round.

Road to PRO BF1 Tournament #1