Look out because you are on a bad path

written by Estiny_Paul

Warsaw Games Week 2017 - Short Summary

Gaming event organised in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Crowds of thousands of people, big companies, contests,
tournaments, great atmosphere and loads of fun - that’s what WGW is in a nutshell.

After a couple of conversations, we came to Warsaw Games Week with the founder of a Polish community called
Sprzymierzeni to join them on their stand booked with Przystań Gracza and SPC Gear. We was there to help them
organise LAN tournaments. These was open to anybody - anyone could sign up, participate and claim rewards.
Big thanks for letting us to come!

The event took 3 days - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We was busy through the whole time, however we did great!
People enjoyed the time they have spent with us, and that was our priority. We have organised tournaments in
Tekken 7 and 1v1 Rainbow Six Siege, along with Forza Motorsport 7 Hot Lap contest organised by Sprzymierzeni and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare 1v1 Tournament organised by Pinguin PL and Dziukens.

The whole team, including Sprzymierzeni, Przystań Gracza, SPC Gear, Pinguin PL and Dziukens did a great job,
considering organisation, set up and, in overall, great atmosphere and customer approach.

Our trip to Warsaw taught us a couple of things, and established our relations with people/organisations mentioned

Once again, big thank you for letting us come, and we are looking forward for what the short future brings. For now,
we believe this event established our relations and it seems to be a great beginning of a strong partnership.