Look out because you are on a bad path

written by Estiny_Paul

The summary of Christmas Tournament

There was 9 teams competing during the competition. The winner earned 5 Gaming headsets Sharkoon SHARK ZONE H30, second place was rewarded with 5 Estiny T-Shirts, and teams, which lost semi-finals and finished on 3rd and 4th place get 5x Estiny wristbands.

The first stage was played in BO1 system on Suez and this is where Guerilla Warfare’s adventure has finished when they lost to Revelations 0:1.

All the other stages were played in BO3 system, and, what’s interesting, all matches resulted 2:0 excluding the final!

When it comes to the final, it was definitely the best match we’ve watched during the whole tournament. The duel of MANGUSE ESPORTS PS4 and OCTAPUZZ GAMING brought many emotions to the viewers of the stream.

The first map. St. Quentin Scar was won by Octapuzz Gaming, even though the fight in the second round was really even to the very end. Nextly, we’ve moved to the Empire’s Edge, where, this time, MANGUSTE ESPORTS controlled the game. In this case an overall result after first two maps was 1:1.

Nobody expected such an exciting match. At first it didn’t look like it’s going to be such a balanced duel.

Second round could then finish in two ways. Either Octapuzz wons by maintaining their lead they gained during the first round or there is going to be a game-changing will to fight in MANGUSTE ESPORTS team, they will take the risk and surprise their rival. We have witnessed a great comeback of MNG, which have played very aggresively and won the whole tournament with 4 tickets lead!

This shows how strong teams participated in the tournament, and such matches falls into memory for a long time.

At the moment in a Battlefield leaderboards of ESTINY the lead is taken by MANGUSTE ESPORTS. Is there going to be anyone capable to detronise the current champion?

There is going to be an opportunity for that sooner than you think. We would like to invite you for the next tournament on 27th of January, where a first place will be rewarded with 50 Euro and a chance to take the lead in our leaderboards.

Prove which team is the best in Battlefield!