Look out because you are on a bad path

written by Estiny_Paul

First sponsor of ESTINY!

Insert Coin, a company, which has one simple mission - to make gamer gear you’ll be proud to wear. And now, since
they decided to sponsor our tournaments, you are going to have a chance to wear their gear just thanks to your
in-game skills!

Here is the link to their website:


The first tournament sponsored by Insert Coin will be played this weekend, on 9th September (Saturday). It is going to be the 2v2 ‘Boost’ Tournament in Rocket League. There are 30 keys (1st place - 10keys each, 2nd place - 5keys each)
and 2x £30 vouchers ((1st place only - 1 voucher for each player) to be won. Vouchers will be a discount, that can be
used by the winning team on Insert Coin’s site to get themselves some gaming clothes!

In addition, there is a contest on our social media. To participate, you must share the post, comment what you like
about esports or gaming and include #InsertCoinClothing. Once that’s done, by 15th of September we are going to
choose 10 winners. Those will be chosen by us, not randomly!

A reward for winning the contest is here:


Each person in the group of winners is going to receive 2 Estiny wristbands (1 of each colour visible in the URL above).

Estiny performs better and better each week and we can assure you, we won’t slow down! Stay tuned and see what’s
coming next ;)