Look out because you are on a bad path

written by Estiny_Paul

Estiny Tournament Tutorial

This is a brief tutorial showing how to sign up to the tournament on Estiny.

In this place (screenshot below) is an icon of the cup, where all tournaments on site can be found.

The list of tournament is split for platforms and games. You can also see the start date and time, the amount of teams already signed up and if there are any rewards for winning the tournament.

That’s how the tournament’s page looks like. To sign up, you must complete 5 steps (screenshot below)

First step - Login

If you are already logged on, the first step is going to be completed automatically, however, if you are not, you will have to log in or sign up by clicking ‘Login’.

Second step - GAME ID

Similarly to the Login phase, if you already filled the GAME ID section in your profile settings, this will be completed automatically.

However, if you didn’t, you can do so by clicking ‘GAME ID’ .

Third step - Team

The next step is to choose team you want to sign up to play in the tournament. You can only pick the team you are a Leader or a Co Leader of. The maximum amount of teams you can join for the same game (NOT tournament) is 3.

Step 4 - Players

This is where you pick the squad participating in the tournament. At the moment you won’t be able to edit your squad during the tournament, so pick wisely!

If you can not pick somebody, that means they do not have their GAME ID provided in their profile (you will be informed about it by the site anyway) or the player is already signed up to this tournament, but represents the other team.

Step 5 - Join - This is the last stage that needs to be completed to sign up to the tournament.

Once you’ve clicked ‘Join’ you will see a pop up with the list of players you’ve chosen to participate in the tournament. Right here you are required to accept the Tournament Rules.

Once Tournament Rules are accepted, all players you’ve chosen will receive a notification requesting the to accept rules as well. They all need to click ‘Yes’ to sign up.

Now your sign up needs to be confirmed. You see your squad chosen to play in the Tournament and the status of each player, showing whether they accepted Tournament Rules or not. If they didn’t, you won’t be able to fully sign up. The only thing you can do before they all confirm it is to click ‘CANCEL’. You can also cancel your sign up to go through each previous stage all over again, to, for example sign the other team up or change your squad.

However, if everything goes well, click SIGN UP.

The match card can be found in subpage ‘Bracket’. You can enter it by clicking an icon shown on the screenshot below. There is a separate subpage for each match, all of them can be found in the bracket.

That is the match card. You are required to provide results of a match here.

Each leader logged on the site during the tournament should be on the match card. The chat will make it easier to communicate between the opponent and, if needed, the administration.

If you want to report a breach of Tournament Rules, use the option ‘Report Match’ on the match card. This is where you can report your opponent.

To provide evidence, e.g. upload a screenshot, use the option “Upload Attachments”.

To create a team, click on your nickname on top of the page, and choose the option ‘Team’ > ‘Create team’ on the dropdown box.

Once you choose the platform, game and setting up a name of your team you can start your esport career on Estiny.

To join a team, you need to find it first. You can use the Team Browser to do it quickly. It can be found in the top-right corner of your screen. Once a chat pannel slides in, click on the ‘Teams’ icon, then type in the name of the team. Please note - If you are a leader, to make your life easier, send a URL address of your team to your players, so they can view your team’s page straight away, without the need of looking for it by themselves.

Once you’ve found the team, apply to join by clicking the door icon (right below the team’s logo)..

Now you just need to wait for a leader or a co leader to confirm your application.