Look out because you are on a bad path

written by Estiny_Paul

Esports in World War 2!

Call of Duty World War II is finally out!

… And probably all of you know this already. However, this brings some changes to Estiny. Obviously, the new CoD will be the next game we have decided to organise tournaments on. Furthermore, it is the first game on this site, which
will be streamed live with commentary!

The first Warm-Up CoD WWII Tournament will be here at 11th November 2017. The next one is exactly one week
after… and so on. We want to make a step ahead, and we will try to get this game streamed and commented live
along with each stage of the tournament. More info to be announced.

WWII part is completely Boots-On-The-Ground, but we believe competitive matches will bring plenty of emotions and adrenaline, as the game is still as fast paced as previous releases. We will do our best to make it worth playing CoD
competitively on consoles!

Are you with us?